Aquaguard PLUS

Aquaguard PLUS

Aquaguard PLUS is a Premium conditioner for freshwater aquariums.

  • Instantly eliminates ammonia (NH3), chloramine, residual chlorine, heavy metals, and other toxic substances.

  • Contains a variety of beneficial organic ingredients such as almond leaf extract, in order to emulate a natural chemical environment.

  • is Enriched with B-complex vitamins to strengthen the fish’s immune system.

  • is Highly concentrated: Contains pH value stabilizing agents.

New formula: The research and development department of “AZOO PLUS” has developed and updated the formula of its water quality stabilizer “AQUAGUARD PLUS,” creating the most advanced multi-functional conditioner for the care of tropical fish on the market.

It contains a variety of organic ingredients that enhance the buffer capacity for the pH value of the aquarium. This product instantly converts tap water into healthy water with the natural water quality found by fish in their natural environment.

Highly concentrated. Its formula is optimized to achieve high concentration and excellent performance: 1ml of product treats 10 liters of water in your aquarium.

The perfect mechanism for fish protection. You can fully trust “AQUAGUARD PLUS” for the care of tropical fish in your favorite aquarium thanks to its stabilizing effect, which will maintain a healthy water quality.

Our advanced formula implements technology that brings a completely new generation of components, providing fish with a much greater protection mechanism than before:

  1. Instantly removes ammonia (NH3), residual chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals in the aquarium water. 2.- Immediately neutralizes chlorine and heavy metals contained in tap water.
  2. Contains antibacterial ingredients that inhibit the growth of pathogens and protect the mucous membrane of fish. Vitamin B1, B2, y B6. Yes! The new water quality stabilizer for tropical fish “AQUAGUARD PLUS” contains an abundant amount of B-complex vitamins, which will help alleviate their stress, boost their immune system, and promote their metabolism. This allows tropical fish species to easily adapt to changes in their environment. FEATURES: 1.- Specially formulated to provide the best care for tropical fish.
  3. Perfect protection mechanisms for fish. Instantly eliminates ammonia (NH3), chloramine, residual chlorine, heavy metals, and other toxic substances produced in the aquarium.
  4. Contains a variety of beneficial organic ingredients such as almond leaf extract, which provides a significant antibacterial effect among other properties. It can emulate a natural chemical environment that allows fish to quickly adapt and develop with a natural and healthy appearance.
  5. Balances pH value, effectively reducing fluctuations after partial water changes, thus generating greater chemical stability.
  6. Creates a mechanism that strengthens the fish’s body, forming a unique antibacterial film that protects their skin and gills. Similarly, this protective layer effectively prevents wound infection, accelerating healing.
  7. Enriched with B-complex vitamins to strengthen the fish’s immune system and promote metabolism. This allows for healthy growth and helps develop a well-proportioned body.

AZOO Plus Aquaguard belongs to the AZOO Plus line of conditioners by the AZOO brand.

Main components of Aquaguard Plus:

Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO₃), Citrus Extract, Citric Acid, Humic Acid, Tropical Almond Leaf Extract (Terminalia catappa), and Distilled Water.


AP17801 / Aquaguard PLUS 120ml

AP17802  /  Aquaguard PLUS 250ml

AP17803 /  Aquaguard PLUS 500ml

AP17818 / Aquaguard PLUS 1000ml

AP17825 / Aquaguard PLUS 4000ml

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You can complement this product with other specific balanced foods from the Ultra Fresh brand.


For new aquariums, use 20ml of AZOO Aquaguard Plus per 100 liters of aquarium water.

For water changes, add 10ml per 100 liters of new water. For regular use, add 5ml of product every week.


To ensure proper dispersion, add the additives to an area of the aquarium with sufficient flow. For water changes, you can add the additives to the water before pouring it into the aquarium.

Avoid mixing different additives before adding them.

Some aquarium products may chemically react with others; try not to combine multiple products at the same time to avoid precipitation or unwanted reactions.

AZOO Plus Aqua Guard plus
AZOO Plus Aqua Guard plus


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